Japanese Confectionery

“WAGASHI” ( Japanese confectionery)  is getting more popular. They are produced by Kona Küche in Switzerland.
It started with the “Matcha boom” and explosively increased after the movie called “ An “.Currently, consumers are seeking more “Mochi”.

Kona küche “An”s(smashed sweet red beans, sweet red beans, Green tea flavor) are all hand-made and carefully created with organic red beans.

Dorayaki is produced from Swiss eggs and Texture of Daifuku’s fertilizer, Why?  Because we make delicious glutinous home made rice flour. You are now able to try amazing Japanese sweets in Switzerland.

Estimate and ready to eat:
The rice cakes should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within two days after thawing, Dumpling and green tea should be consumed within three days and Sakura-Mochi within a day as a recommendation.



Daifuku Daifuku
Pleasant texture, fancy saltiness, the exquisite combination of sweet bean paste.
Kurogoma Daifuku Black Sesame Daifuku
 Pleasant texture, fancy saltiness, the exquisite combination of sweet bean paste.
Sakura Mochi Sakura-Mochi ( Cherry Blossom Rice Cake)
Enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms and the soft taste Koshian.
Dorayaki Dorayaki
Dorayaki is one of the most popular Japanese sweets since ages.
Matcha Manju Matcha  ( Bun with a bean‐jam filling)
Among the delicious Matcha with Koshian.
Mochi Mousse Matcha Mousse Mochi  ( Mochi with a Green Tee Mousse filling)
Among the delicious Matcha Mousse.
Yatsuhashi Daifuku (now only with cinammon)
Mochi with inammon flavor. It is fantastic combination.
Strawberry Mousse Mochi(Saisonal)
Strawberry Mousse mit home made semi-dried strawberrypieces. A layer of An (sweet bean paste) match very well with it.