About Kona Küche

We offer the classic Osaka taste in Switzerland. They are frozen after handmade manufacturing. The delicious pork buns can be carried on many different occasions such as children events.

We do not use any unhealthy ingredients for our products. Why not try to have delicious hand made meat buns during your busy days. In addition to pork buns, we are also introducing Japanese sweets. We finished with good materials.

Our pork buns can be found at company canteens in Switzerland.
Dumplings and homemade miso are prepared according to the season or requests. Please contact us at the following e-mail address for your inquiries.

3 thoughts on “About Kona Küche

  1. Yunxin Cao says:

    We are the miss tea bubble tea shop in the city of Zug. We would like to sale some small snakes like mochi in our shop. So we would like to know if it is possible to cooperate with your side or not?

    Many thanks and kind regards,
    Yunxin Cao

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